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A Personal Message

Dear Parents and Family......

Hello, I would like to personally introduce myself. My name is Sasha Komocar and I am the Owner and Master Instructor here at Superior Martial Arts and Fitness.

I moved to Rhode Island just over 10 years ago from Toronto, Canada and have made Cranston my new home with my wife and family.

Originally I came here to help train future Olympic Taekwondo Athletes, because I brought with me a wealth of knowledge and experiences as a Semi Professional Soccer Player and having trained with Professional Athletes and Trainers including Olympic athletes and Military groups.

My background was in Banking and I found my new passion in teaching children and having the honor and privilege to make an impact on their lives. I have great satisfaction in sharing with them all the struggles and successes I have had in achieving a persevering mindset and attitude which contributed to both my amateur and  professional accomplishments.

My job as I view it, is is helping others find their inner strength and reach their full potential.


The only obstacle we have is the battle we have every day with ourselves. We choose to be either the Warrior or the Victim, and my goal is the help each individual find that Peaceful Warrior within them! I would be my honor and pleasure to have you and your family be a part of the Superior Martial Arts Family!

Sasha Komocar

See What Our Parents Have To Say.....

" Loved this gym since my daughter's first Tae KwonDo (Korean Karate) class 2 months ago. Great energy, an instructor who is both tough/demanding and kind/nurturing. Observed a belt test for the first time last night, and it was a joy to see kids 5-12, each being pushed at (and slightly beyond) their own level. Beaming faces! If you're looking for a martial art for your kid, check this place out! "

L. Franz
L. Franz Mother with a daughter in Karate

" Is a great place with great people "

J. Sanchez
J. Sanchez A Member

Where to begin? Well 1st let's start by saying Superior Martial Arts is an awesome school! The master is a frim teacher but at the same time a loving and caring one. He will teach your child respect for others as well as themselves. They will also learn to reach high there is no limit to what they can do if they put the time and effort into it and they will be shown how to achieve that goal with great instructors who have the patiences and skills to teach children of all ages. We have been with Sasha Komocar and Superior Martial Arts for about five years now. There are also adult classes offered for those who wish to learn some Martial. Arts skills. I have attended these classes for the last three years and couldn't imagine not wanting to go. I'm amazed at some of the things I can do as a grandmother, thanks to Sasha I've found my inner strength! And for this I will always be a fan!

P. Nunes
P. Nunes Grandmother with a grandson in Karate

" Terrific place. My kid is so happy studying here. Master is delightful."

S. Kirk
S. Kirk Mother with a daughter in Karate

" My son has been at superior for about a year, he has made huge strides thanks to Sasha, the program is amazing, they are not just fooling around and pretending to do TKD, he really works these kids, it's great exercise, but they don't even realize it because he makes it fun for them. But most importantly (for my wife and i) is the discipline he teaches them, he commands respect and the kids give it to him. If anyone is considering martial arts for their child I couldn't recommend Superior Martial Arts enough, great place and extremely affordable, no pressure to sign a contract or pay 6months in advance (like other places).. great place kids LOVE IT.."

J. Broccoli
J. Broccoli Father with a son in Karate

Innovative and Engaging Martial Arts Curriculum From Experts In Their Respective Fields

We strive to keep our Kids Karate Classes on the cutting-edge with respect to our curriculum. As professionals in both the Education, Fitness and  Professional Security industries, we bring a wealth knowledge and field experience.

Coping Strategies

We want our karate kids to acquire the invaluable skills of coping and managing stress and anxiety. The way this works, is that we provide challenges and obstacles for them to overcome and when they reach a physical or mental "wall" we offer them strategies and practices to break through those "walls". Students who are prepared for dealing with coping challenges in early adolescence are more confident of dealing with these upsetting experiences during their early teenage years.

Developing Intrinsic Motivational Abilities

Child psychologists will tell you that intrinsic motivation is way more important than extrinsic (reward) motivations. Too many karate schools are stuck in using an abundance of external rewards that only temporarily affect behavior. We want to make a LIFELONG impact on our members and give them life skills that will stay with them hopefully for the rest of their lives!

Social Awareness and Emotional Intelligence

Emotional Intelligence is a word I am sure you have heard of before, but I am sure you are wondering how does one develop that. Simply, we teach our kids how to use their emotions properly. Understanding child psychology and behavior we have implemented specific strategies to guide our students to be emotionally healthy. As a result, this improves their Social Awareness, Self Awareness and Relationship Skills.

The Benefits of Martial Arts Training

Below is a list of what you can expect as attributes that your child will achieve and accomplish in their Karate classes.

  • IMPROVED CONCENTRATION - Children learn more effectively once they have used up their pent up energy.
  • BETTER MANAGE ADD & ADHD: We have had many children come to our school from the recommendations of their Pyschologist and Pediatricians. The professionals know how important of an impact Martial Arts has on improving behaviour problems, including ADD & ADHD , in children.
  • COPING SKILLS: Confidence only comes from the management of fear. We teach our students how to overcome obstacles and make challenges a positive part of their life. You will see the surprise in their eyes and courage in their spirit as they accomplish each goal on their path to becoming a Black Belt!
  • SUCCESS SKILLS: Your child will learn how set goals and acquire the success strategies to accomplish them. Success breeds ambition. Once they learn how to succeed they will set their own goals higher and higher.
  • FITNESS: Todays children are involved in many activites. For those who choose not play team sports Martial Arts is an excellent alternative for them to get in shape. Also those in team sports, Martial Arts enhances their physical fitness from the overall body conditioning we do compared to any other sports

Expert Character Development Program

Martial Arts has been used for thousands of years to teach people of tribes and societies the skills of discipline, focus and respect.

Sharing the traditional knowledge with modern knowledge, we inspire our kids with personal life experiences, mat chats and stories to help them better understand how to implement these skills in their own personal lives.

These skills will stay with them for the rest of their lives, even for self-defense!

START TODAY, Fill in your information below!


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About City of Cranston

Cranston, once known as Pawtuxet, is a city in Providence County, Rhode Island, United States. With a population of 80,529 at the 2010 census, it is the third largest city in the state. The center of population of Rhode Island is located in Cranston.[3] Cranston is a part of the Providence metropolitan area.

Cranston was named one of the "100 Best Places to Live" in the United States by Money magazine in 2006.[4] It is among the top 25 safest cities in the country, according to CQ Press's research. According to the survey done by 24/7 Wall St website, Cranston ranked 36th on the list of “America’s 50 Best Cities to Live”[5]

The Town of Cranston was created in 1754 from a portion of Providence north of the Pawtuxet River. After losing much of its territory to neighboring towns and the city of Providence, Cranston itself became a city on 10 March 1910.

City Seal:
Cranston's City Seal, which was taken from the coat of arms of Governor Samuel Cranston, consists of three silver cranes on a red shield with a silver border. The motto DUM VIGILO CURO has been translated as "While I watch I care."

City Flag:
The flag of the City is blue, of standard size, bearing on each side of the center the representation of the Coat of Arms of the City. The shield is red with a white border, the representation of the three cranes upon the shield is in white; the words DUM VlGlLO CURO are imposed in yellow and gold upon the representation of a white ribbon with a red border under the shield. - City of Cranston Website