Discover and Learn the Self Defense Techniques Used by Special Military Units Around the World

Battleground tested and developed by military professionals to train soldiers quickly and effectively. Now you as a Civilian can learn what the Pros do!


Systema vs Krav Maga ! Which do I choose?

  • Different Approach

    Plain and simple, the approach is different. Aggression is fear disguised as strength. As much as you think you will go all “Beast Mode” under an attack, your adrenaline will work against you within 60 seconds. Also, the attacker may just be more of a Beast than you.

    We don’t teach you to win, We teach you not to lose! Survival is everything!

  • A Faster and More Effective Learning Curve

    Under high duress and stress, you won’t remember any techniques. Your goal is to develop an intuitive body and turn it into an intelligent weapon! You will learn how to Problem Solves. Most other systems do no teach you to problem solve. They just say ” do this and this”. But one technique may not work for another person. We will help you to weaponize yourself is it best fits YOU! You don’t conform to Systema, Systema conforms to You!

  • More than Situational Awareness, Self-Awareness

    Most current “Self Defense” programs are unable to go more indepth in truly understanding violence. You will learn how to control your emotions, use your breath to get you out of trouble and realize that you have an infinite amount of resources once you understand yourself, your body, your mind and your soul!

Systema In Action, Watch!

Vladimir Vasiliev, Director of Systema North America demonstrating some awesome Systema Skills

What Will I Learn From Training In Systema?

  • Learn Effective Skills Immediately

    Systema is based on Four Principles: BREATHING,  POSTURE,  MOVEMENT,  TENSION/RELAXATION.

    It is this formula that allows you move more effective and learn how your body performs under stress and duress. The goal is to be in a calm state of mind while being able to harness relaxed and devastating power! There are no antiquated techniques. You will be problem solving and making up moves on the spot. You will surprise yourself and what kind of warrior lives inside of you

  • Hand to Hand Combat and Ground Fighting

    All aspects of our training are based on the same principles, including ground work. No need to lock someone, especially in a multiple attacker situation. When you lock someone, you also Lock Yourself! Survival is the ultimate goal. You will learn quick and effective skills that are sometimes called Dirty Work! While on the ground you will find your weapons to make your attacker change their intent.

    Lastly, Systema striking has been scientifically proven to have devastating effects and effects the body in a ballistic manner. We have even had a petite woman in our class take men weighing over 200lbs down with her Systema strikes.

  • Fighting against Weapons - Knife, Gun, Stick etc.

    You will be exposed to an HONEST approach to fighting against weapons. No fancy moves. The strategies you will have been tested with soldiers on the battlefield and in urban warfare. You will get cut, you may get shot and you will get hit by a stick. That is ok, it is how you handle the messiness of fighting against a weapon that will determine your success.

  • Environmental Combat

    Many 10th degree Black Belts have never done their break falls on concrete. If they did, they stop doing “break falls” immediately. You will learn how to fight and work in environments such as in the city, in the woods even fighting in water! This also includes car-jackings. You will learn how to use your environment not only for fighting, but to escape and hide so as the attacker is unable to reach you.

  • Overall Health and Wellness

    There is no other system that includes an in depth approach to “healing”. As it is said many times in the Systema community, “If you learn to destroy, you need to learn to fix”!It is this balanced approach to training that separates systema from all others. You will see immediate improvements in your breathing, mobility, joint strength and stress relief. Our goal and we can guarantee it, is to leave feeling better than you came in!




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