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Programs are available for the whole Family! Karate programs for kids, Fitness Kickboxing programs for Teens and Adults. Make sure to click on the program that interests you and get access to our Class Schedules and Web-Only Special Offers!


Martial Arts classes that are taught with a professional curriculum and designed from experts in Child Development, Physical Fitness and Modern Self Defense that understand the needs of today's child. Your child will enjoy and prosper with empowering skills like discipline, respect, focus and confidence! Click to learn more


Heart pumping, calorie-burning classes are waiting for you! Discover the only Cranston fitness program that is the home to Kickboxing Rhode Island. We create urban warriors, where both men and women get into shape fast, lose the weight, get strong and have tons of fun doing it! All levels are welcome. Click to learn more!


We are the ONLY Certified Systema School in Rhode Island and Southern New England. A unique battle-tested system that doesn't require you to remember antiquated moves. Aggression is weakness pretending to be strong! Calm, relaxed power is how to overcome any violent and stressful situation. Click to learn more!

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ADDRESS: 60 Walnut Grove Avenue, Cranston RI

CALL or TEXT: 401-400-5857

Who we are!

Are you tired of the overpriced Martial Arts, Karate schools and Fitness Centers that keep pushing gimmicks and doing the same thing over and over again?  Then take a moment and look at how we are different and what we offer.

Our Cranston Martial Arts and Fitness facility is a place where you may just get more than you expected from a typical Martial Arts school or Fitness gym. We pride ourselves in fostering a comfortable and supportive training environment, no matter what skills or experience you might have.


We also believe that every person that becomes a member, both child and adult requires an environment where they can learn to become INDEPENDENT and STRONG!


We are a Family Owned Business and therefore we treat you like Family. Cranston has been our home for over 10 years.  Having children of our own and being parents in a stressful world, we understand the demands and stress that goes with raising a child in today's environment.

We would like to share our strong work ethics, professional curriculum and personal development skills with both your child, the Karate student or you the Adult Kickboxer, to positively transform your life and help enhance your well being. Plus, we can guarantee you will feel great! The hard work will pay off!


Getting into amazing shape is just one of the many attributes you will achieve in becoming a member and a student. Not only will your body change, but you will feel fantastic, you will become less stressed and kids and adults become happier.


We will support you every step of the way! Take a look below at what other members and parents have had to say and additional benefits of training with us here at Superior Martial Arts and Fitness.

What our members have to Say!

" Terrific place. My kid is so happy studying here. Master is delightful."

- S. Kirk

" Loved this gym since my daughter's first Tae KwonDo (Korean Karate) class 2 months ago. Great energy, an instructor who is both tough/demanding and kind/nurturing. Observed a belt test for the first time last night, and it was a joy to see kids 5-12, each being pushed at (and slightly beyond) their own level. Beaming faces! If you're looking for a martial art for your kid, check this place out! "

- L. Franz

" Is a great place with great people "

- J. Sanchez

" My son has been at superior for about a year, he has made huge strides thanks to Sasha, the program is amazing, they are not just fooling around and pretending to do TKD, he really works these kids, it's great exercise, but they don't even realize it because he makes it fun for them. But most importantly (for my wife and i) is the discipline he teaches them, he commands respect and the kids give it to him. If anyone is considering martial arts for their child I couldn't recommend Superior Martial Arts enough, great place and extremely affordable, no pressure to sign a contract or pay 6months in advance (like other places).. great place kids LOVE IT.."

- J. Broccoli

Discover The 5 Benefits Of Training In Martial Arts And How It Can Change Your Child's Life

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    Confidence is not something you get from yelling "YES I CAN"! True confidence comes from overcoming obstacles, breaking through internal barriers and perseverance. This can only be done with qualified instructors and a professional curriculum than teaches both children and adults how to find their confidence from within and their accomplishements. Plus, when you are pushing yourself to limits you have never reached before! The sense of accomplishment and success just emanates from our children and adult students. Success is contagious!

  • 2

    Coping Skills

    Coping skills is something that today's parent realizes is important for not only our child students but also our adult students. To put it simply, Failure is Important! We show our students the value of failure and how more important it is than doing only the things you are good at. For our adult students, the training itself is an awesome outlet to help cope and deal with everyday stresses.

  • 3

    Excercise and Wellness

    The benefits of exercises and wellness speak for themselves. The difference with exercising with is us is the fact that Karate and Kickboxing offer skills that you can take with you for the rest of our life. Functional Training, is not new for us. It is what Martial Arts has always been about!!! We need to be Effective, Strong and Mobile as Warriors!

  • 4

    Community Support

    When you join our Tribe, you are a part of a dedicated and supportive community. With training, comes new friends and you will be a part of a group that will lift you when you are down and cheer for you when you are doing great! Egos are left at the door and both our Karate Kids and Adults Kickboxers will make sure you to help you reach your full potential!

  • 5

    Having FUN, Working hard!

    Working hard and reaching goals is the greatest gift you can give yourself! And you will have FUN doing it! Success is FUN!
    Breaking both Physical and Mental Limitations is FUN!
    Feeling Better and Stronger is FUN!

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Address: 60 Walnut Grove Avenue, Cranston RI

Phone: 401-400-5857